Spanking, caning, flogging, tawse.
Bondage and restraint.
Needle play, breath play, edge play etc. (see needleplay video below)
Medical play
Waterboarding and water torture (extreme)
Orgasm (denial/pushed into with consent])
Hostage/kidnap play. Rape play.

If it can be done, and it's legal, I can do it. Just ask if you don't see anything on the list which you would like to try.

Bristol-BDSM|Extreme body piercing.

Bristol-BDSM| Genital body piercing is a service offered, but this video displays the more extreme end - which isn't for everyone. Unless you get a high from the adrenaline and endorphin rush (Algophilia), which as you will see, Lahna does in this video. 

Otherwise all other forms of nipple and genital piercing is undertaken and jewellery attached.

All piercing is done using high-grade implements used in their normal course for medical work.

Please use the contact form to make an appointment.

Further details regarding needleplay for those who are interested.

So why do people use needles in BDSM?

The act of piercing the skin with a needle can trigger the body to produce hormones such as endorphins and adrenaline, which may cause desirable feelings in the person being pierced. This is one reason why some find body piercings ‘addictive’ – they find themselves craving the experience of being pierced as much as the final result. In BDSM, we can utilise these feelings to create rewarding experiences without creating a long term body modification.

Piercing can also create interesting physical sensations, including pain. Depending on the dynamic of the people playing, these sensations can be inflicted for the pleasure of the Dom or desired by the sub/masochist, or both.

Some also enjoy the atmosphere and the connotations of needle play, such as those with medical fetishes.

What was that about hormones?

When we pierce the skin with a needle, we trigger the nerve endings in the skin to send signals to the brain that the body is being damaged. In response, the brain produces endorphins to help manage pain. This can create endorphin ‘rushes’ or ‘highs’ which can cause a happy, giddy feeling or a floaty, light headed feeling. The body also produces adrenaline in response to perceiving itself as being under attack, and some people enjoy the feeling of an adrenaline rush (similar to why some people enjoy extreme sports such as sky diving).

There are numerous factors that contribute to whether a needle play session is painful or pleasurable, and this guide will help you explore different ways to use needles in your scenes. This guide will also discuss the safety aspects of needle play, the risks and what you need for a hygienic needle play scene.

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